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Prophetic Insights

When I was getting ready to minister in Montelimar, France recently, the Lord dropped this word into my Spirit. I believe it is for the Body of Christ for this season.  Here is that word:

And I shall cause thee to know the greater thing that I shall do for I am bringing my people into a new place in me; a place of intimacy, a place where they shall hear me as never before and see Me in new ways.  For there is much I am about to release into the earth and My glory shall fill the earth in greater and greater measure.  A measure never before experienced or seen.  And that which is about to manifest shall bring about a great harvest of souls into My Kingdom and My people shall experience Me in new ways.  So receive a new wave of My anointing and a new wave of My glory as I fill you more and more, full to overflowing with My presence, My joy and My power!
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