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Prophetic Insights

When I was getting ready to minister in Montelimar, France several years ago, the Lord dropped this word into my Spirit. I believe it is for the Body of Christ for this season. Here is that word:

And I shall cause thee to know the greater thing that I shall do for I am bringing my people into a new place in me; a place of intimacy, a place where they shall hear me as never before and see Me in new ways. For there is much I am about to release into the earth and My glory shall fill the earth in greater and greater measure. A measure never before experienced or seen. And that which is about to manifest shall bring about a great harvest of souls into My Kingdom and My people shall experience Me in new ways. So receive a new wave of My anointing and a new wave of My glory as I fill you more and more, full to overflowing with My presence, My joy and My power!

The Lord gave this word to me when I was ministering in Wyoming this Summer: 

The enemy wants to bind people to their present reality but there is a glorious future that God has purposed for each one of his children. It’s time to look beyond the present, it’s time to pull back the veil of the present and look into the glorious future that God has appointed for each one of you. Now is the time, now is the time to see what you were created to be and to fulfill that which has been appointed for you from the foundations of the world. Now is the time to step into the fullness of your destiny and everything that God has purposed for you in this new time and this new season. By faith, see it, receive it, call it into manifestation and watch as new doors, opportunities and finances start coming your way. It is the new day, it is a new season in God, it’s time to let go of the old, let go of the old wineskin, let go of the old mindsets, let go of the limitations and allow Holy Spirit to expand your spirit, to expand your thinking and to expand the possibilities of everything that God wants to do and release through you in this new day and time and season.

Fear not, don’t fear their fear, don’t be afraid of the threats and the limitations that are being created aroundyou by those who are not of God, do not fear but take hold of your faith, guard your hearts with the faith of your Father and boldly step into that new place, boldly move forward into the new that God has called you to do and watch as things begin to open and opportunities never dreamed of will begin to open to you. This is that day and this is that time to move forward into those things that have been ordained for you before the foundation of the world! Allow Holy Spirit to untether your mind, untether your soul and untether your imagination from the limitations that man has put upon you. We serve a limitless God, our Father has no limitations and it is not His desire that we live under these demonic, human limitations because he has called us to live above all of the limitations of this world. Step forth, step forth into the new and watch what God will do!

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