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"Kingdom Encounters Workshop" Sept 26th-28th with Jane Schroeder ($50)

To Register for a workshop, click the "Register" button and you will be taken to PayPal. You will need to enter in the the registration amount and your name. Cost of registration is listed above for each workshop.

Pre-Registration via PayPal is required for the workshop with Jane.


When registering via PayPal, please include your full name. 

Example: "John Doe - Angels Workshop/Kingdom Encounters"

If you would like to register multiple people at a time, please list all of their names at the time of donating and adjust the donation amount accordingly.

Make checks payable to Revival Glory and Fire (or RGF)

147 Bedford Plaza Rd, Bedford PA 15522

Thank you!

Example Below ($ amount is for example, cost of seminar is listed on the site)

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